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Maths Week 2022

We celebrated Maths' Week at Park Lane Primary School from Monday 31st January to Friday 4th February 2022.  This year's theme was 'Games and Puzzles' and the children were challenged to create their own maths' game or puzzle; they were able to do this by working in small groups or with a partner from their class.  Teachers planned a series of lessons where children explored a range of board games and puzzles, carefully considering the rules of the games, before creating their own.  During Friday's maths' lessons, children were able to play their own board games and puzzles, and prizes were awarded for the best in each class.


Throughout the week, children in KS2 participated in times table competitions when children were given between 5 to 10 minutes to complete a times table challenge sheet.   Each year group also looked at different mathematicians and had the opportunity to discover what we know about these mathematicians, producing fact sheets to share with their class.   The mathematicians investigated are as follows:


Year Group


Known For


Florence Nightingale

Making statistics- graphs and charts


Carl Friedrich Gauss

Number Theory- finding a quick method to add the numbers 0-100 together


Benjamin Banneker

Clock work


Marjorie Lee Browne


Being the third African American woman to successfully receive a PhD in mathematics


G.F. Bernhard Riemann

Prime Numbers


Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi



On Friday 4th February, children were invited to 'Dress for Digits' and make a donation to the NSPCC, the UK's Children's charity.  Park Lane Primary School raised just over £200 for this worthy cause.  Prizes were also awarded to the best dressed on the day. 

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