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At Park Lane Primary School we are committed to educating independent, global learners. Unlocking potential, embedding respect and a sense of equality to develop a lifelong love of learning:


 Our Aims


  • Every child will develop independent learning skills
  • Pupils will develop lively, enquiring minds and acquire life skills
  • Pupils will have equal opportunity to participate in every aspect of school life
  • Pupils will understand their role as citizens in a British society
  • We will celebrate each other's successes
  • Pupils will be encouraged to risks in their learning and learn from their mistakes
  • Pupils will develop a sense of care for each other and their health and wellbeing will be always cared for


Our Values :  Each year level has been allocated a value to work towards during their educational journey at Park Lane Primary School.


  • EYFS: Friendship – EYFS has been allocated the value of ‘Friendship,’ to support them in achieving in other aspects PSED like developing self-confidence and self-awareness and managing feelings and behaviour.

    Year 1: Determination – Year 1 has been allocated the value of Determination. Together we will support your child to ‘never give up.’

    Year 2: Patience – At our school, year 2 has been allocated with the value of Patience. Together we will support your child to manage their emotions and be ready to learn!

    Year 3: Resilience – Year 3 has been allocated the value of Resilience. Setting and achieving goals builds the practice of self-monitoring and helps the pupils see the results of their hard work. The trick is not in setting goals but in sticking with them.

    Year 4: Perseverance – Year 4 has been allocated with the value of Perseverance. Together we will support year 4 pupils to take ownership of their learning journeys, move to higher levels of thinking and questioning and to learn to never give up!

    Year 5: Independence – Year 5 has been allocated the value of Independence. Children of this age rise to the challenge if independent boundaries are provided for them. They will use all their observations of the world to date and take independent actions. They will make mistakes and therefore need adults to guide them to the best solutions. At Park Lane, we will encourage them to be proud of their achievements and celebrate when they can tackle a task by themselves.

    Year 6: Responsibility – Year 6 has been allocated the value of Responsibility. Year 6 can be a busy and stressful time for children and so they need to be encouraged to feel confident in themselves as learners and individuals. They must be given the opportunity to be responsible for managing their learning, their time and their feelings.

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