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Dear Parents & carers,
You are no doubt aware how restless the children can become over long periods of time, particularly when trapped indoors due to self-isolation.
Physical activity is imperative to the development and wellbeing of your children, in order to maintain a good level of fitness each child should be physically active for 2 hours a day. This of course does not mean 2 hours of intensive exercise, rather short, fun and engaging activities - short breaks of exercise also can aid the children’s learning in other subjects.
I have complied a list of useful links to websites that have free and easy to follow exercise and workout ideas for you to do at home that the whole family can enjoy!
Miss Bevis-Smith
PE Teacher.

Active 8 Minute Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV

5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV

Schools fitness week programme: daily 30 mins workouts

Yoga For Kids | Play In The Park | Yoga With Adriene

KIDS WORKOUT ! Full 25 min exercise routine program for kids and parents lose weight 2019

jumping jax gym pnk video productions video

Have a Blast With This Family Fun Cardio Workout!

I have also created some just for fun word puzzles that can be played online. NB the settings can be changed to allow the challenges to be both made easier and harder. (When the pages are refreshed the words move so you can play the same puzzle again!)

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