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2G has been creative with butterflies



What I have done during the Corona Virus Lockdown? - Melody Saidy


I have now been in lockdown with my family for 11 weeks. Lockdown is when you must stay in the house until the virus is gone. You are not allowed to play in the park and you’re not allowed to go near people that you don’t live with. At home I have been doing all my schoolwork with my mummy, I have been playing with all my toys, me and my mummy have gone for walks, but I have to wear a mask which gets very sweaty. I have gone on scooter rides.

The lockdown rules changed a little, so we are now allowed to sit in the park for longer, so we went for a picnic. We still have to stay away from people we don’t live with and still cant play in the play area in the park, but I enjoyed our picnic we ate good food and enjoyed the weather.

Mummy also took me to a big park, I got to walk through the 100-acre woods from the winnie the pooh stories, I got to see all the characters houses.

I also celebrated my 7th birthday during lockdown. It was different because I always have a party for my birthday but we wasn’t allowed to this year. So my mum cut a cake for me and we opened and played with all my presents I had a really good day.

Being in lockdown can be very hard and sometimes upsetting for me because I can’t go and see the rest of my family like usual. And I miss my friends at park lane primary school, but we have been going on teams, so I do get to see my friends on there which is good. The good thing about being in lockdown is I get to spend lots of time with mummy and my family that I live with, we have been going on lots of walks and I have enjoyed that. I do hope lockdown ends soon so I can see my friends and teacher and my family.



In Year 2Y our pupils have become Authors during this lockdown



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