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Year 3

During lockdown, some of the pupils were inspired to become authors. They used their imaginations to create their own stories. Some pupils decided to become little artists and chefs!


Haunted House 

Once lived a boy called David he lived in Joggle Road with his aunt, mum and dad. They lived in a huge mansion. David was 11 years old, his favourite colour was red, he liked science and exploring.


One day, mum and dad went shopping and came back with lots of candies. “Yummy,” David was surprised! 


At night David realized it was Halloween! He wore his ghost costume, took his trick or treat basket and his torch. He ran outside to trick or treat, after trick or treating at all the houses, he saw one more. It was door 99. He knocked on the door and said cheerfully “Trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat!” 


Suddenly, the door opened, he saw complete darkness. He brought his torch and went inside. The door closed and locked behind him. Out of nowhere came a ghost and said, “Hello we haven’t had visitors in years!” and swiftly walked away.  David shivered and replied anxiously, “Why is it so cold in here?” 

After a while, he saw crooked stairs and whispered to himself, “I wonder where that leads to?”  


He followed the ghost upstairs. He saw three rooms. He heard crazy music coming from one of them. He went to look. David saw a whole party! He saw skeletons dancing and mummies drinking punch.


David got terrified and ran away, “What was that? I’ll go in again maybe there is a clue to get me out of here. I am completely lost!” 

He tried to blend in with the other monsters and found a bucket full of blood. “No thank you!” He explored a little bit more and found the key! He went to find the door to get out. Soon after, he ran back home with nothing in his hands and told mum and dad everything that happened today. 


Maryam Hussain

My Lego World


I built the Lego all by myself, with no help. Also my brother Romil did some of his own too. I will be so excited, when the Lego will finish, but right now there is a lot of work to be done on it. It has been so hard to build and follow the instructions for each part of the Lego book provided. I have been working on the Lego every day since the lockdown and the school has been closed. Now I am getting too confused and mistakes are made, as it is getting difficult and challenging. It was so good at the start, but getting harder. I am not going to give up, I am going to try and try, but it does not work. I have been working on my beautiful work. It is so colourful like a beautiful rainbow shining in the blue sky. It is like a large city with real people, like in this world. I have been looking carefully for any mistakes. If there is, I fix it calmly.

Eva Patel

May 2020


Soha has learnt to make many new things during lockdown! As you can see, she made strawberry jam with her brother! Yummy….



Pupils in 3Y have been exploring their art skills

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