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 Mrs. Givans-Haynes was impressed with Elham (5Y) for participating in
all lessons and uploading his completed tasks on time; Purva for taking
her online learning very seriously and always being prepared with her
camera on for the session and throughout all lessons; Inaas who has
started to give responses to challenging questions and staying positive
in attempting all tasks, even when her WIFI fails!

 Shout out to all the children in 2G for making their 3D houses from 1666
during the time of the Great Fire of London.

 Mrs. Shah was delighted with the children in our Reception pod who
have worked hard and enjoyed socializing with their friends at school.

 Miss South was very pleased with the children in the Year 1 Pod who
demonstrated excellent team work when they made their models of
houses from the time period of the Great Fire of London.

 Roxana from Ladybird class made an outanding original 3D model using
junk; Miss Hylton said that she was also able to name the different types
of 3D shapes.

 Ms. Karsi was pleased with Heer from the KS2 pod who always pays
attention to instructions and is on task with all of her lessons.
Children in year 2 have worked hard on their
reproductions of houses from 1666. These samples were
made by Lucas, Cacia, Clyden and Ervins from 2G.

 Mrs Sheikh, Miss Ann and Miss
Sapsani have advised that all of our
nursery children have been delightful.

 Mrs Mohamed sends a big shout out
to Romeo, Mariah, Said, Safiya, Xora,
Dhruvi, Rylee, Malachi, Shail and Ana
from 3Y who are producing excellent
work at home.

 Weekly Awards


Every Wednesday afternoon we have an Achievements Assembly for KS1 and on Thursday afternoon we have the KS2 Achievement assembly where we reward pupils for working hard in their learning, for displaying excellent behaviour, for being helpful and kind etc. The child receives a certificate to take home.



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