Park Lane Primary School

Park Lane Primary School

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 Weekly Awards


Every Wednesday afternoon we have an Achievements Assembly for KS1 and on Thursday afternoon we have the KS2 Achievement assembly where we reward pupils for working hard in their learning, for displaying excellent behaviour, for being helpful and kind etc. The child receives a certificate to take home.



Class Awards

Butterfly   Ladybird  
Year 1G Zoya and Stevin
Angelo and Ahisha
Year 1Y Abubakar and Risha
Fahad and Aleksander
Year 2G Vjollca and Veer Year 2Y Kamo and Valentina
Year 3G Andrei and Michal
Dhvani and Kavya
Year 3Y Mohammed and Velanka
Dhruvi and Baillie-May
Year 4G Lena and Neev
Othmane and Serine
Year 4Y Hope and Riskat
Year 5G Jonathan and Maha
Heer and Ahmad A.
Year 5Y Maryam and Tianna
Angela and Aarya
Year 6G Ryley and Diya Year 6Y Vani and Belal


3G- Rushil and Kayvon 4G-Mohamad 5G- Saro and Sparsh 6G-Yazan  
3Y- Harshal and Malachi         4Y-Riya &Emmanuel 5Y- Vittoria and Purva  6Y-Rashmika

Attendance Awards

  First Second Third
KS1 2G - 98.7% 1Y – 97.8% 2Y – 97.7%
KS2 5Y, 6G & 6Y – 100% 5Y – 99.3% 4Y – 98.7%


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