Park Lane Primary School

Park Lane Primary School

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 Weekly Awards


Every Wednesday afternoon we have an Achievements Assembly for KS1 and on Thursday afternoon we have the KS2 Achievement assembly where we reward pupils for working hard in their learning, for displaying excellent behaviour, for being helpful and kind etc. The child receives a certificate to take home.                                 

Class Awards

Butterfly Ladybird 
Year 1G Year 1Y 
Year 2G Year 2Y 
Year 3G Year 3Y 
Year 4G Year 4Y 
Year 5G Year 5Y 
Year 6G Year 6Y 








ButterflyEthan & Riyanshi
Medal: Adel
LadybirdAnika & Arlind
Medal: Hanika
Year 1GErick & Mayra
Medal: Sophia
Year 1YGabriel & Dhruvi
Medal: Aryan
Year 2GSaifa & Abiaman
Medal: Andra
Year 2YMahya & Nysa
Medal: Sulayman
Year 3GFatima & Aduik
Medal: Ayaansh
Year 3YJeniksha & Fatema
Medal: Ellysca
Year 4GKrystal & Md
Medal: Zoya
Year 4YKshema & Levi
Medal: Asiya
Year 5GFarah & Praanaj
Medal: Sujitha
Year 5YVinaya & Rayan
Medal: Kelly
Year 6GAndrei
Medal: Mai
Year 6YJosh & Yousif
Medal: Sashaanth



Hirah 2YAkira 2GUmair 3YKavya 6G


Attendance Awards

KS11G – 95.7%1Y – 95.4%2Y – 92.5%
KS23Y – 99.2%4Y – 98.7%5G –97.7%


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