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International Evening

The Annual Park Lane Primary School International Evening, which took place on Friday 15 July, was truly a joyous event.  Pupils from across the school population entertained a huge crowd gathered to celebrate the cultural diversity of our school.  The programme contained items from Albania, Italy, Poland, America, Spain, Sri Lanka, India, West Africa, Nigeria, Jamaica, Somalia and of course, the U.K.  During the evening, we witnessed talented performances of song, dance and poetry; there were performances from the Park Lane Choir and Cheerleading Club and the concert ended with the fashion show. 

The event was hosted by year 5Y's Ismail and Angela from 6Y who did a fantastic job of keeping the keeping the programme flowing. Children and staff were brightly attired in their traditional dress and at the end of the evening, we made our way to the dining room to sample dishes from all over the world.

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