Gifted and Talented Pupils

The Government wants to support schools in providing challenging and stretching
educational opportunities for all pupils, including the most academically able.

The Government has:
• Made available Level 6 National Curriculum tests for Year 6 pupils in English
reading, English writing and mathematics. At Park Lane Primary School these
tests are used to measure attainment for pupils with significantly higher ability
in these subjects.
• This provides a stretch for the most able primary school pupils, and enables
the system to recognise and celebrate their progress.
• At Park Lane Primary School teaching staff adhere to the latest teaching
standards, that require clear expectations for the need to support and
challenge high-ability pupils.
• We include a tighter focus on the progress of particular groups of pupils,
including the academically more able.
• Information in the performance tables on the progress made by groups of
pupils with different levels of attainment enables parents and others to see
how well children of different abilities at Park Lane Primary School are catered for.
• The Government has slimmed down the National Curriculum so that it sets
out only the essential knowledge all children should have, in order to create
time and space for schools to develop deeper and more stimulating
educational opportunities for all pupils, including the most able. Park Lane
Primary School accepts and delivers this statutory requirement.
• Additionally the Head Teacher and other senior staff welcome discussions
with the parents/carers of children who are academically able to work together
to nurture their ability and to assist them to excel to their full potential.
• These arrangements also extend to supporting the development of specific
talents that emerge for some pupils.